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Promoting our machinery manufacturing industrial upgrading
Date:[2010-12-28]    Hit:[1398]

    The west coast of the strait to accelerate the economic development, promote equipment manufacturing industry technology promotion and development, create the straits in advanced manufacturing base, the thorough implementation of fujian provincial committee of construction projects and the west coast of the strait "innovative provinces strategic plan, further consolidate, development and improvement NaJingXian machinery manufacturing industry chain, emphatically breakthrough restriction NaJingXian machinery manufacturing industry development of core technologies and key technology, by fujian economic and trade commission and the people's government of zhangzhou with China channel project achievement fair organizing committee office jointly organized 2009 fujian machinery industry NaJing) project (ccpit on December 8 in zhangzhou NaJingXian held ceremoniously. Attend the meeting have fujian provincial development and reform commission, the province economic and trade commission, ltd., guangdong provincial department of education, provincial department of science, various districts and cities economic and trade commission and other relevant unit the leadership, machine tool industry association from China machinery industry federation, fujian province, fujian province casting association, fujian machine tool association, Beijing machine research institute, fujian mechanical science research institute, Harbin industrial university, wuhan university, xiamen university, fuzhou university, fujian forestry university, zhangzhou professional technology institute and so on association and the institutions of higher learning experts and professors, from the United States, Germany and Beijing, Shanghai, hubei, Taiwan, fujian province regional machinery enterprise representatives and NaJingXian relevant leaders nearly 300.
    The matchmaking aimed at promoting fujian machinery industry NaJingXian machinery manufacturing industry, especially the independent innovation, high grafting and agglomeration development put up a project docking, exchange and communication platform. Through visit ccpit expert, professor and fujian machinery enterprises especially NaJingXian machinery manufacturing enterprise in-depth communication and negotiations, to promote fujian machinery industry production-teaching-research combination, promote machinery industry scientific research, technology demand docking, promote fujian machinery industry production of common technology and enterprise technical problem solving, realize fujian machinery industry and sound and rapid development.

    Fujian machinery industry association of ChenWenZhao at the meeting the basic situation of China machinery industry, fujian province machinery industry briefings, in international financial crisis under the influence of mechanical industry this year the operation situation of fujian province, fujian province machinery industry in how quickly and well NaJingXian machinery industry development and the future development direction of several aspects such as made brilliant speech, The meeting is held in fuzhou university and NaJingXian people's governments signed the strategic development league a framework agreement during the meeting China machine tool industry association, honorary member ChangLiang xun C held titled "modern manufacture technology and equipment in the field of four quantum, hubei industrial university professor at home and abroad HuangJin held titled" casting of new technology, new technology development ", Beijing institute of ChengBoHao deputy chief engineer machine held titled "CNC technology development review"'s excellent speech.

    Ccpit fruitful, build the sharing of information, technology consultation, seeking cooperation, to transform the achievements service platform. Meeting advocates the fujian related machinery enterprise technical requirement of 71 research, Released fuzhou university and Harbin industrial university, xiamen university colleges, scientific research units for fujian machinery industry development the latest technological achievements 121 research, Realizing the butt joint project, including 50 of achievements docking 32, demand docking 18 items, the investment of 30 million yuan, can be expected to add value 50 billion yuan, Through universities, research institutes experts, professors and enterprise in-depth exchange of views, negotiate, on-site were 12 key projects on stage, is expected to sign a total investment of 260 million yuan, after production increase output 6.3 billion yuan, tax 3680 million yuan, profit 7678 million yuan.

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